New Moon Communications, LLC is an innovative broadcast operating company. There are additional services available including:

  • Due Diligence

    We focus on all types of transfers including sales, mergers and acquisitions. We can provide expertise in evaluating personnel, sales, business services and equipment. Our highly qualified professionals can assist you and confidentially recommend positioning for sales development, sell of a property or acquiring a property.

  • Strategic Sales & Station Consulting

    We are a client service oriented company, offering time-tested solutions to your firm's broadcasting, financial and business management operations. Let us partner with you to produce effective leadership strategies and business growth opportunities. Transforming local television into the future by keeping abreast of new changes in programming and multi-platform selling. If your business is in need of a sales expertise, a company marketing culture shift or novice to advanced level sales training to complete - New Moon can help!

  • Training

    Our highly qualified staff will evaluate your sales department and recommend a multi-level training program that will bring immediate results on a guaranteed basis. High performing teams are built from the ground up. New Moon can showing you the keys to creating teams that can win no matter the competition, no matter the market. - Guaranteed!

  • Advertising Placement Plans

    Offering a wide array of advertising placement services across local, city, state, regional and national markets. Serving diverse industries such as: Television, Radio, Social and Non Profit / Philanthropic. New Moon employs unique and proven methods for its clients to not only increase exposure but also achieve market penetration in ways previously never imagined. The result being: Your Message Reaches Your Audience & Sticks!

  • Broadcast Property Acquisition

    As accomplished media professionals, New Moon Communications focuses on successful electronic media multiplatform uses of our technology. That includes transforming all services into the digital landscape. We work with engineers, equipment suppliers and software vendors to insure we are updated on all possible revenue building enhancements giving our partnering properties the highest possible edge for success!

Mission Statement

To involve local TV stations as a trusted and respected partner in the community with entertaining programming and pertinent information.


We are committed to delivering new and innovative solutions that anticipate viewer's choices, their changing needs and a return on our investment.


We are committed to

Digital enhancement of media properties! Internet advancement of television stations! Involvement in local communities! Taking Broadcast TV into the future!